‘my TG’ Hints and Tips

Getting started with ‘my TG’…

Thank you for activating your account with us! With your new ‘my TG’ account you will be able to browse through over 15,000 products we keep in stock, with your own specific prices. You will also be able to manage your account, pay invoices, print invoices, convert quotes, and create quick and easy orders.

Steel is available to view on the website, however, to purchase any steel, please contact our super friendly sales team direct 01228 525364!

If you require any assistance, please email MYTG@thomas-graham.co.uk

To log into your account, please visit: thomas-graham.co.uk.

Home Page

Enter your account number, email address and password to log in.

Log in details

Once you have entered your details, your ‘my TG’ screen will appear…


Account Details – Here you can see your account details, current balance and any overdue amounts.

Account Details

Quick Order – Enter part numbers to create quick orders (please note, the product must be on the website in order to appear).

Quick Order

Product History – Here you can view any products you have ordered over the last three months; including price and current stock levels. You will also be able to add items to your basket from here, to create quick and easy orders.

Product History

Outstanding Invoices –  Here you can pay any outstanding invoices.

Outstanding Invoices

Paid Invoices – In this section you can view and print any invoices from the last 18 months. Please note, this can take a few minutes to create.

Paid Invoices

Current Orders – Here you can view any active orders and check order status. We are currently developing this area and will have individual product status here soon.

Current Orders

Current Quotes – If you have created a quote with one of our sales team, you will be able to view this here. From here, you can also click on your quote reference to open the quote.

Current Quotes

Once the quote is open, you can add the quote to your basket to convert to an order.

Current Orders 2


We are always developing our website – adding new product ranges and features in order to create the best experience for our customers. If you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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